Pheasant Hunting Giveaway

103.5 The Blaze Pheasant Hunting Giveaway




What you win:

*All Inclusive Pheasant Hunting For Four People On Private Hunting Ground In South Dakota

*Lodging On Site


*Rental Car

*3 Meals Per Day (Breakfast, Sack Lunch, Sit Down Dinner)

*Complimentary Beverages & Appetizers

*On Site Transportation

*Blaze Orange Caps Provided By Guardian Outdoors

*Daily Maid Service

*WIFI Access

*A Large Prize Package From The Sponsors Below


2,000 acres of private hunting land. We implement conservation practices to enhance wildlife habitat and production. Our conservation practices ensure some of the best pheasant hunting in South Dakota.  The Oak Creek Lodge has access and is surrounded by over 1.5 million acres of hunting ground on the Standing Rock Reservation. 



I've just returned from the hunt of a lifetime! The birds were plentiful and we limited out every day. Loved the fact that they had kennels for my dogs. Lodging is top notch and I was always full and comfortable. If you're a hunter, this is your spot!

-Tony Beall



If you're looking for the traditional Pheasant Hunt, this is probably not the place for you but....if you're looking for an adventure, this hunt needs to be booked. You will be hunting with the Bowen boys (Marshall and Austin) on the old family homestead using Grandma's old farmhouse and a couple converted old barns for accommodations. You will be hunting up and down draws and river bottoms that can be a little challenging. Be in shape!!!! But for me the best part was hunting the lands that Sitting Bull and his ancestors hunted!!! Quite a thrill for me and we all filled our limits!!
Thx Marshall and Austin!!
I will be back!
-Brad Komminsk



If you're looking for a small group setting with the ruralness of the prairies, Oak Creek Lodge is the place. A great venue to get away and set your boots on some of the prettiest grounds with the Oak Creek running through the middle! Great bird numbers and great people in the Bowens!

-Thomas Rice






Win Prizes From These Sponsors!!

(Prizes May Vary From Items Shown)






In 2006, we founded YETI Coolers with a simple mission: build the hard cooler we’d use every day. We've since expanded into other outdoor product categories, yet never given up on our mission to build products to improve your time in the wild. 

Product innovation and firsthand experience in the field continue to be our basis of expansion into designing ultra-durable and portable soft coolers, insulated drinkware, waterproof and everyday bags and backpacks, dog bowls and beds, and other outdoor gear, each with its own line of accessories. Every YETI product performs when it matters most—whether that be a trip into the remote Alaskan wilderness, chasing tarpon on the Florida coast, even just in the backyard with friends.










KICK’S Industries manufactures a complete line of aftermarket shotgun chokes designed for every type of hunting and competition shooting. KICK’S chokes can be purchased directly from the factory or through our international dealer network.

The production of superior quality products begins with the use of superior quality materials. All KICK’S choke tubes are manufactured from solid, heat-treated, 17-4PH grade round bar stock. The use of solid bar stock eliminates problems with weak seams and other issues encountered with the use of tubing or other lower quality materials.


All KICK’S chokes have a unique combination of conical and parallel sections. The conical section is where the choking happens. The parallel section is where the wad-stripping action occurs as the shot returns to a straight path. Plus, there’s no wrench required for installation or removal.


KICK’S chokes are diagonally ported at a 135° angle away from the shooter, which reduces the side blast which is common with other types of porting. Because of the sharp angle of the ports, the leading edge acts as a braking system, slowing the wad down in order to provide superior patterning.

Our unique conical/parallel internal design, together with our exclusive outward angled diagonal ports improve patterns by up to 20% in increased density. Our ports also reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil giving you faster, more accurate, and more comfortable follow up shots.







GunDog Outdoors is company that is focused on the safety and comfort of the hunting dog. Owner Alex Langbell has spent the last 18 years in the hunting industry as a hunting guide, outdoor TV co-host/producer and writer. He has hunted waterfowl across North America for the last 40 years owning hunting dogs his entire life. He has spent the last 25 years as a professional firefighter/EMT currently holding the rank as Training/EMS Captain for the Yakima Fire Department located in central Washington State. His entire career has been focused on safety and safety of others. 

With his years of experience in waterfowling, he has seen and witnessed numerous injuries to dogs, some that could have been prevented. He come to realize there was a lack of awareness and practice of gun dog safety. He soon made it his mission to educate others in the importance of practicing gun dog safety.

Soon after, he designed his first patented product, the anchor product for his company, The Quick Release Safety System, which was designed to keep dogs from breaking while teaching them to be steady in a hunting situation. That was the beginning of GunDog Outdoors with the mission is to bring awareness of safety to gun dog owners and new hunters.





True Original… Since 1833

Before the invention of the car. Before the radio. Before typewriters, elevators, and telephones. Before electricity, in 1833, American Optical was already helping people see the world.

The oldest and greatest optical company in American history has pioneered optical and eyewear innovation for centuries. AO’s founders believed everyone should have access to eyewear, not just the elite, and changed history by bringing spectacle manufacturing to the US. Since then, AO has originated sunwear styles worn by pilots, Presidents, and NASA space crews.

Still committed to independent thinking. Still made in America. Still focused on the future, AO continues to set the standard for American eyewear.

For almost two centuries now, AO has stood as a symbol of American ingenuity, and we’re just getting started. Our pride in AO’s heritage is matched only by our pride in our team’s commitment to craftsmanship and customer service. In our state-of-the-art American factory, AO produces the quality, classic eyewear that defines True Original style.

From the Archives… AO through the centuries

American Optical has been trailblazing breakthrough technologies and shaping the world of eyewear fashion with some of the most iconic sunglass styles for nearly two centuries.

Wear a Piece of History

It’s no coincidence that AO Sunwear was the choice of US presidents, the first on the moon, and has been immortalized in Hollywood history







Like the men and women who carry our gear, Gerber is Unstoppable.

Decades of innovation and dedication have put us here. Renowned as a master of knives and tools, Gerber’s problem-solving, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind. Today that includes much more than a blade.


Founded in 1939 and based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Gerber is an American brand whose products have global reach and relevance. Carried extensively by hunters, soldiers and tradesmen, Gerber’s heritage runs deep. And we are now looking toward the future, where tomorrow’s problems will be solved by the next generation of innovations.


All Gerber products are designed and engineered in Portland, OR where many are produced. We also tap our global supply chain to create a wide range of activity specific gear for wide variety of consumers. And no matter what, every product that bears the Gerber name is backed by our famous lifetime warranty.


Quality, reliability, innovation. For over 70 years this is what our customers have expected from us. And whether our products are used to save time, save the day, or save a life, Gerber always delivers.









Always On The Hunt

We’ve been living, exploring and hunting in the Ozarks for generations. Our hats are built from combined experience in design, manufacturing and the field.

Built To Last

We take pride in our craftsmanship. That’s why our hats are made to the highest quality standards.

Designed For The Outdoors

Hunting isn’t our only passion. Whether it’s shooting, trapping, or fishing, every Trophy Tracker design is inspired by the land that made us.








“The Art of Apparel” is delivering value in everything we create. That is Artisans DNA.

Born of humble beginnings in 1963 in a Wisconsin Dairy barn, Artisans has steadily grown into the multi-dimensional business it is today. Fast forward though decades of growth and success to 2017 when the owners sold the company to their employees under an ESOP structure, making Artisans a 100% employee owned enterprise.

Many things have changed during Artisans half century in business, but our purpose and passion as a company -to tell the stories of our customers through branded apparel- remains the same. We don’t settle. The result is the quality and innovation our customers have come to know and expect from us, and our efforts have proven that we are leaders of the captive destination market.

Alongside our experience and commitment within the destination market and corporate wholesale channels, Artisans has developed partnerships with numerous outdoor organizations providing quality licensed and promotional apparel. These dedicated groups work tirelessly for the preservation of hunting, habitats and wildlife across North America, and we are proud to be a part of their story.

Our customers are the reason and inspiration for everything we do, and we work tirelessly to earn their long-term loyalty. 

Look for the Artisans brand at your favorite retailers -or- if you have a marketing need and would like to learn more about our wholesale product offering, please visit us at;









Lifelong friends and avid outdoorsmen from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Brian Terry and Ian McNair established High ‘N Dry in 2015. Often left cold and wet after working or hunting, they sought to find a solution for ineffective apparel. Through extensive research, they created innovative protective gear for the aquaculture industry and avid waterfowler: a long lasting chest wader and accompanying jacket that can endure nature’s harshest conditions. Durable, dry, and warm, High ’N Dry waders and jackets ensure your comfort while in and around the water for work or recreation.








The SportDOG Brand® SportHunter® 825X is our introductory e-collar to the long-range, SportHunter family. This SD-825X model uses the smallest collar of the family while still providing up to ½ mile range for up to 3 dogs (with purchase of Add-A-Dog® collars). Designed in the field by hunters and dog trainers just like you, the SD-825X allows you to communicate with your dog using tone, vibration, or one of the 21 levels of static stimulation. The remote is designed to be operated without having to look at it, needing only a slight movement of the dial and the push of a button to deliver a stimulation. This customizability and ease-of-use ensures your training is consistent, immediate, and tailored to your dog’s unique personality.







Kurativ CBD was founded in 2018 with a simple goal in mind – to bring high quality CBD products to market at a reasonable price.  Since day one, we have prided ourselves on sourcing only premium, U.S. grown hemp for our extracts.  

Our team works tirelessly to bring new and innovative products for our amazing customers. Our mission is to help people, and that mission is ongoing and incredibly rewarding. Thanks for joining us.






The Provider:  These carefully crafted rub recipes have been developed in collaboration with BBQ pitmasters, hunters, and by family secret recipes. Now they can be yours! Buy the Ultimate Pack and receive all 10 rubs in a special collectors box or pick the rubs that will go well with the meat or veggies you are cooking.

The Fowl Life is a journey that promises to never stop. Our goal is to bring you heart pounding action as well as in depth instruction to each episode. Each week, we will chase waterfowl in areas that we love to call home. Come along with us as we take the cameras all over the United States. Watch on The Outdoor Channel. The Fowl Life is a journey that promises to never stop. Our goal is to bring you heart pounding action as well as in depth instruction to each episode. Each week, we will chase waterfowl in areas that we love to call home. Come along with us as we take the cameras all over the United States. Watch on The Outdoor Channel.

Jargon Game Calls:  There is probably nothing more important in our societies then communication. Community is built on the word communication. Family is built on constant transparency and verbalizing amongst each other. As human beings, communication is what sets us apart from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. This is not to say that every species of animal doesn’t speak their own language. Develop their own vocabulary. And communicates with their very own JARGON. As duck hunters, we have our own Jargon. We use it to communicate amongst each other before the hunt, during the hunt, and after the hunt! “Get down”, “here they come”, “take ‘em”, “send the dog”, and “Nice Shooting Boys” are just some examples of Jargon being used on a daily basis among duck hunters. It doesn’t stop there though. In order to attain success in the Duck’s World, we need to be well versed in the JARGON of the wild duck. We have to entice them with our words, the passion in our calling, and the timing of our delivery. This is where JARGON GAME CALLS was brought into fruition! We believe in communication! Communication with our families. Communication with our piers. Communication with our duck dogs. And communication with ducks! Every wild animal has their own Jargon. We wanted to master that of the Mallard Duck. And we did just that! 

So let’s get back to talking to each other! Let’s get back to our roots as communicators! Let’s let the social media slide for a bit and learn how to look someone in the eyes and introduce ourselves the old fashioned way. Let’s establish the stance right now that we will let our voices be heard as human beings and as duck hunters. Let’s take pride in our JARGON and all of our specialized vocabularies. Let’s learn the fine art of verbiage and communication and let’s apply it on a daily basis! Both amongst each other and amongst the Mallard Ducks!

Welcome to the JARGON NATION!







Designing and delivering quality products people trust for the pets they love


Passion for pets, people and progress. Every Time, do the right thing for the right reasons. Trust ?and collaborate; challenge and support. Seek opportunities by taking initiative and letting ideas live.

The Coastal Pet Promise

At Coastal Pet, we are committed to your satisfaction and proudly stand behind our products and quality controls.  For us, we carefully consider every element of a product’s design from the time we think it up to the moment you bring it home to your pet. Things like rounding our leather collars for the comfort of longhaired pups and creating a patented slide for our collars to reduce slip are just a few of the ways we go the extra mile.

Coastal Pet History

Coastal Pet Products, Inc. was founded in 1968 by brothers Jim and Tom Stout. Our first facility was built in 1974 and employed 10 people. During those early years, we became one of the leading pioneers in the collar and leash industry by utilizing nylon webbing instead of traditional leather. As the industry grew and matured, so has Coastal Pet. Today we maintain a nearly 400,000 square foot facility where we produce many of the collars, leashes and harnesses our customers have grown to trust for more than half a century.

Coastal Pet Cares

Coastal Pet Products, Inc. is committed to enriching the interactions between pets and people by providing high-quality, lifestyle products that support the care and safety of dogs and cats. This commitment includes partnering with and offering support to organizations that share our passion, including Animal Behavior CollegeMorris Animal Foundation, and Leader Dogs for the Blind.







We cannot possibly predict what is going to happen every minute of the day, but we can prepare for it. In the gear we carry, the clothes we wear, the mindset we hold. Whether we are on duty or off duty, in our country or out of cell-range.

The mindset is always the same...


The FBI training academy adopted the original 5.11® pant as its training pant in 1992, forging a decades-long relationship that drives 5.11®’s commitment to public safety and the first responder community.

5.11 Tactical® began developing a more extensive law enforcement line in 2003. Our designers work together with public safety professionals to create gear that meets the needs of real people in the field. In 2012, we rose to the challenge of redesigning our women’s collection to create better fitting and higher performing options. Our women’s category has grown to include premium uniforms, covert clothing, fitness apparel and more.

Today, 5.11® is expanding into the outdoor and fitness markets with products like the Vaporlite short and the ABR trainer. we are determined to meet these new challenges with the same grit and fortitude that has always defined our brand.



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